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Related article: Date: Monday, December 21, 2009 August 46th 0000 15 From: Tom u003camias09 FastMail. fm u003e Subject : Brief Encounters Chapter 46 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not Lolitas Dark Portal shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimate imagexamination and therefore able to create our own fantasies Friends usually based and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file so that if the FORMATTEDING or punctuation go slightly above the stream, now I know why! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias09 FastMail. fm ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** Please note............. First, I think I should wish all bookworms n a Merry Christmas and all the festive Santa can finish the fireplace, but not to do a lot of trouble !. I think this is probably the last post before the New Year, as I n to ' m very busy lately. I also know that like all good things go to this need, an end will come within a few chapters. Therefore, although I have one goal in mind, I know I Some of you have pointed out,the strange story and ask if n to something like the character types to go after email, and I will do my best are woven into ******* **** *********** *********************************** ************************************** **** Chapter 46 - Nigel makes a large deposit " Here we are then. " Nigel sound a bit worried and took a step in the gravel on the track as they approached the cabin. "We have a better butchers at some bastard Here are playing or the other. " " Yer, very well. " Art took a breath and looked at him. "This is then innit ? You want and know that I'm finally going to do? " " art!" Nigel responded to kind of look, "not fuck me Oh it seems that shit! " " Shit, I'm sorry It's just... it's just you and me and they know it. 'm A some sorta.. "a kind of stuttering to an end. With a quick movement with Nigel was one thing, but somehow had developed into something special. To begin with, was premeditated and that talked for a long taskand, above all, they both had interpreted as something deeper than the physical act " Would you just keep fucking mouth, " Nigel is avoided in his face, " You know, I can not fucking me round my head all that emotionally Sun.. things.... how fucked up not just " go for it, ummm.. " " sorry.. but I'm fucking nervous. "Replied the art. The conversation dried up, and she was worn not only for a few seconds, Nigel foot on the dusty ground. " Sunday. " Type smile and suddenly broke the silence ", so I am me.. yer ass cock then I get? " "Yes ! "Nigel smiled and shook his head. "Motherfucker! " Fast turn, began to pour, which offered the opportunity to walk compose words, as he disappeared around the corner. " I'm going to Try it. " use it was not long, and a minute later opened the old lock n the door opened, sunlight from the window of only playing in the dust n lifted the ground. " Well, go then. "Said Nigel art before him lightly in the air of the ship. " Nige.. "Art said softly, turning " I mean, no.. know WOT is so beautiful... gay or not, I mean. Are we ? " " You've said that before. Not always known.. WOT is a fag.. not dirty boys old? They do not kiss or anything like that in public restrooms ? " Nigel just had the full benefit of high school sex explains Education, where even the sketchiest acts of heterosexual intercourse not practically nonexistent and the mortal sin of masturbation n be as self -abuse. This time it was art, feet shuffling up more dust in the light of the sun, "Is that gay guys are the same homosexuals, then? " " Yer, I think so, but I do not give a damn now. Come here and undo my jeans fucking can not sustain much more! "Nigel push the wet spot in front of his pants bulging in the art direction and deliberately looked his face. " Now is not shit"Tell me a look back at you. " Said Art grin before focusing on the hair that sprouts up Nigel lip. Move a few steps you stand in front of Nigel, who came to and began to undo the button on the waist, the wet spot was in the front n ow enormous. " No, I'll tell you.. " Nigel blinked in rapid succession, with the hope kind can not be seen ", but you'd think I was wonder if only..... that... " kind of grabbed his head and kissed him hard on the head. With a lump in the throat of my class croakily said. "No... I think only , you're my best friend. " " This is good. " Nigel took a deep breath. The feelings were complicated to set words. It seemed a good time to start the conversation, to be checked before n Unknown began plumbing emotional depths of puberty. " Yer right. " Said Art, the feeling was very similar, " my father told me once, not in the swamps of the public and go to mine, because he is saying that there homosexuals are child and loves school. " " WOT do then? "Nigel asked innocently. " I've never thought about it. I do not want dirty old git me Willy! " " Well, I'm not a git and I will keep, "said Art laughing. " No, the difference is that git a dirty boy ! "Replied Nigel, smiling. " Fuckin 'hell, these jeans are drenched in cum! "Said Art Pull the postal coated his fingers found the wet pants. " Damn, that can not end them? " " No, I do not know, but I'm fucked up " soon," said Nigel put his hands around type waist. "Now just press undo me and let me out of the tail, fucking hard, so " as long as it hurts! kind made ​​indicating that allows Nigel to his fall from jeans knees, smiled when he saw the thick cock head pressing Purple Nigel against the transparent reporting of wet with his wrinkled cotton foreskin back over Lolitas Dark Portal the glands. " Well, stop there because I get undressed and you will see your new pants. " N , said Nigel firMLY type of push hands away. Despite sounding authoritative Not without some trepidation, he began to undress art and asked me what is in the shop was. " Nigeria". Type of falling into his eyes and just put a hand on Nigel is, as he unbuttoned his pants. " His cock... promise you will not hurt n.. is so great.. I 'm worried.. " "Fuck No, of course, I will not be grass fool!" This Nigel put his arm and lifted him on their shoulders. that stayed there for several seconds in silence, as Nigel gently hump his erection havoc on the type of underwear is completely the same. "I will not use force, if I do not get in then just go running around yer ass " "Fuck you ! " It was the art of the series, which quickly dried her eyes. " You are doomed pants wet and me now! " N " We are a couple real fucking not, how often we have masturbated together?" He sniffed and cleared Nigel throat. "WOT bloody state, we have n in, or even finish anything ! " " Let's leave then! " SaidThey sound very positive way and time in the pocket of his pants down to dig. Pushing had one pair of writings brought him Nigel 's hand, said, " Get me jeans down and then we will attract. " " WOT hell are you doing here ? "Nigel let the art go in jeans and a surprise instead panties to light. "Damn, it even has a hole in the ass," he shouted, looking smiling in the art. "It seems the right size for your cock! " " Could be. " Type of laugh. " I thought I would add to the fun. " N "Hey, wait a minute, he did! WoT fuck are you doing? " Type of white panties were hidden under the red when the leader n that has not been saturated with precum while the two layers cotton were stuck together. The red were evenly among in hand. art was " Me father bought 'em for me today. I put the up blank for fun. " " Lucky guy. " Nigel sounded very jealous and began to run their hands at the bottom type Tracing under the white lines larger. " I wish my dad buys me anything, all I get damn Y- Front " shed his hand between the two layers and smiled. "I Can 'em down? " " It is not necessary to ask stupid boy ! " Said Art " Yer can ' em both the white and Lolitas Dark Portal then put back on me, I do not miss new " " Well, WOT a surprise, since sperm are splashed ! "observed Nigel example. "And blood have a hole in the ass like that? " kind nodded and took off his shoes, pants quickly followed by sent another cloud of dust of the earth. Who cared if their clothes 've all covered with dust! There it was in his shirt, the top is doing part of his shorts and his cock rampant, it is best to store in front of the two pairs of panties. " Nige, let me know your in the first. " Smile Nigel and slowly took off her shoes and jeans, she pushed by dust in a corner. Art had seen, and Nigel is magnificnt cock on many occasions, but this time he approached the bag viscous of ill-fitting - and fronts with some reverence. Slowly run hands at waist Nigel finally began to fight an inch at a time, until the collar was in the impaled hard member in the interior. Kneeling before him a few seconds looking at the ominously cotton by Nigel buckle and then took him completely precum licked surprise grains that had been forced by the wet cotton bulbous purple head inside. "Fuckin 'hell !Oh God! Stop, stop! " Nigel hissed. "If you do not stop that are running... and I want to cum.... and please do not type.. fucks me lose! " Grin seemed a little new and deliberately licked his lips before it s hands at the waist, where he started the tractor panties until they were balls of Nigel down. "Thank you for that shit! " Said Nigel a sigh of relief. "I have not finished that sincand last night and I can not take much more. " " I can see things with blood dripping everywhere! " Still smiling way he stopped and stared for a moment the chains precum that hung from the end and now comes before the crumpled written down. Somehow Nigel today bigger Dick as an art always be remembered for a second, he wondered if he could not to be born with something so awesome. But it was not his. " Nige, it forces you ? "He said softly, " Look, I get two, maybe three fingers in the ass.. However, at least four bloody fingers have value! " " I fucking told you not going to hurt me, and I did, "said Nigel, " The n come here want to see your new pants and then.. " Use no doubt that they Lolitas Dark Portal are approaching, which had become very emotional climax to something they both had long waiting kind of movement is taken directly in front of Nigel in in turn, had fallen back under the spell winning smile is good. There was no need to say anything, said the strange crack in the corner of the eye that all Nigel wrapped his arms around art makes the flow of emotional energy freely through the two. The weather was not really on the side of Nigel and I knew I had done, ejaculation was very short notice and wanted to pretend it was way at least keep closing. However, even had to get Art retired before he could try something between the front Humping the type of the letter, which was eventually successful, the two pairs of underpants to the knee and the kind of shook. The catch was that he was busy then completely with the examination of red panties and smelling class, took the n , as warm and humid. In a role reversal, which was n ow Nigel, who was busy happily get drenched license class for and fronts, and the s of the other partner with the slot to pass a in the transformation, using its own short whites back, kind knew his fantasies finally came to an end, became a reality next. As Nigel still engrossed with the red underwear and examined thoroughly with almost licked everywhere, more or less had the opportunity to Collection Y- fronts and buried his face in it, inhaling deeply. "You dirty bastard! " After red lingerie by Nigel smiled and seemed a bit greedy sucking precum soaked bag because its tail, which was highlight sticking with pride of the fly of his pants. " You stop nasty boy ! Now, come here. " kind smiled and paused, "Nigeria.. " " Oh for the love of fuck, shut up! "said Nigel cut off and put the erection to him," I will not share the ass or get nothing ! Now yer hands around this! " " Well, it's a shame that I was not big enough to get it ! split, " Art said, smiling: " go, but I'm very good at " " Yes, but I will first rays sun, otherwise it will not be long now fucks good to come here and take it over. " WiWithout wasting more time Thout Nigel came to nature, so that their heads on each other shoulders rests. Type trembled and could increase the sense of hairs on his neck, which was not only Tom, who knew that, feeling of butterflies in the stomach! The truth was, that Nigel is not really so sure what to do, either because they had deliberately avoided always emotionally close to each other so far. However, now is Clearly, much more than his friendship, as only a temporary phase for mutual masturbation. Nothing was said. Apart from the odd restriction , she stayed there in each other's arms trying to convince a that the attraction he felt for itself was not connected the dreaded word gay. It took almost a full minute and get an with the situation during the time the species had become accustomed to smelling freshly bathed Nigel. n igel, however, concluded that a part of the attraction was the art Ju overwhelming odorHundreds of children and stale sperm ! Not that it mattered as this aspect is actually closer to Nigel seemed to go by, occupied Art, before finally giving up control. In turn, I felt a little enough to growl with much laughter and relaxed, to allow handling attempt to free cock flies Nigel viscous. This only served to further alter Nigel, as he descended the answer kind of closure of the arms is large buttocks and began to knead them as his own pre-cum leaked any type cock fingers. Without knowing actual physical experience of others as what he has not yet decided Nigel a anal erotic stimulation Lolitas Dark Portal to bring a plane. Between himself fingers n always enjoyed stretching and also the buttocks together to give his butt hole a good workout, which was exactly what we do with it to begin with a art. " Mmm.. " moaned softly as "... more.. " " Your ass dirty dog ! " Said Nigel stretch both written and buttocks, \\ \\ n "You fucked up love! " Ooww.. "Art contUED Game with Nigel tail. The relatively clean writings quickly became wet with precum. " Well, is it clean? " " Hmmm.. " 'Dirty Bastard! I bitch ' I knew it! "Nigel was almost laughing, he knew, art too good. " Hmmm.. " Art was really embarrassing. " You and your dirty ass... I'll show you ! " Nigel brings an arm murmured the guy away and slid his hand as he slid his hand in front of the his own writings. " WOT are you doing? " Stammered so Lolitas Dark Portal do not know why Nigel is playing with her own tail s. Maybe he was in trouble because they have a bath or a Nigel has the answer was something else in mind? to arrive on time in the form of a finger thick coated with hot precum between her legs and rammed his ass forced through the slot in the back of the card. Timed to perfection finger expressed his prostate and his buttocks were driven mercilessly segment, apart from its hole. "Fuckin 'hell ! " Cried all kind of surprise. He started,foot slipped and almost lost his balance. " Better than the fucking jump rope, right? " Said Nigel difficult not to him a fall on the dusty ground started sort of pounds of prostate. " Arrghhh... " Art was not able to respond rationally anal the sky. " I want to cum ! " " No, that's your bitch does notwait, wait! Two? " Nigel got his finger with a loud plop! He quickly wiped the type of underwear then rammed two fingers slippery step. " Nige Nige...... oh shit," said Art was a combination of pleasure and pain when Nigel began in earnest finger fuck him with his arm still n between the legs. "push the arm with yer legs. " Called Nigel. kind of reaction, but was quickly losing his senses. " Three? " "No!" exclaimed breathlessly type. Nigel matter was recorded in the Register. "No... no Three.. no, no.. no.. I can do is fucking Nige... no.. no.. it hurts please! " If you do not there are three that! "Said Nigel retirement as finger and clean againType of underwear, as he did. "Take WOT? " N asked still breathing hard way, everything was a fast. "Oh.. no you're not, no! " " Oh fuck yeah! " ignoring her protests Nigel class turned around and pushed him to s more than doubled, his hands instinctively went to stop falling before n and landed resting on the edge of an old wooden box. Sent a new cloud of dust in the air and the sight of him leaning n over St Michael written on his butt tense done Nigel paused for a second. Relishing the idea of ​​splitting the back sewing took a little more of their own pre -ejaculation of his writings on with a finger and took careful aim. " Nige.. you're not... " guy called in a panic with visions painful Nigel fat dick rammed his ass. He tried to straighten look up, but Nigel was simply the stronger of the two and found down firmly again. " No, stupid fuckin asshole.. just ' shut up and enjoy it!" almost art of saying something when Nigel is with two fingers, sticky with warm precum is wedged in his sphincter and stabbed his prostate is still over again relaxed moaning with pleasure and, finally, their confidence in Nigel. realize that none of them remotely ejaculation, thought Nigel , it would be unwise fucking fingers, until you have Extended liked it and decided it was time to slow things down. slow remove your finger from the hole and cleaned anxious the panties now instead of colors, he smiled as he takes a few seconds, \\ \\ n the tail line with the hole in the seam of the back. As expected Nigel began breathing a little sort of at what point he said slowly "Art Okay, now yer legs and really close to a fucking control that! " Brutal slippery slid his cock through the hole in the back of the type of panties and ripping them, however, soon felt the bulbous end of the tail firm contact with what he had assumed the type of balls loadeds of is a time to view the initial panic, I wanted to be fully fuckin road Nigel realized that was not really the purpose of your ass. for with some relief, has the type according to the instructions and pressed his legs together, such as firmly as he could to Nigel slippery tail, which had begun to restrict are imposed within and between the legs. As a Virgo, and knowing no other similar feelings, thoughts, Nigel, is an n incredibly erotic to see what kind of drag it closer with every stroke of his hard cock. Now, breathing hard and pressing artificial legs, as hard as he could, which lasted more than a dozen punches before Nigel began to tremble and begin to bend your back on the construction of orgasm. Having to configure most of the day and made ​​the effort giant to resist masturbating the night before, his balls were pretty full of cum, which was already dripping from his mouth cut open piss n the type of underwear. Nigel, was the highlight great inevitable. with VATitement buildings and movements rather than push her ​​troubled , Nigel accidentally leaned forward and began to move his body emphasis on art, which at first seemed to ignore. Despite his own occasional wayward anal experiences, art had never experienced anything is not as united as before the strong emotional aspect of that became really difficult to take in the ass. To enhance the illusion of was closer to Nigel, had taken possession of the writings Cummy land and was sucking on it as his way wave Nigel between her legs. very close to coming herself and a little confused with all that things seem to escape while SCUMM art in fantasy land to lose on both the balance and concentration. Moments later, with an almighty groan Nigel began in premature sparse pubic hair as art type lost its balance. He stumbled, and finally fall on the dirt floor together and hold each other. meNigel stayed in aculously kind are violently hump up between his legs while downloading n streak after jet of hot cum in panties art of the split Lolitas Dark Portal in the back, completely coat the penis and testicles. With a final groan and a cramp in the muscles of his back, his tail Nigel is still difficult and finally jumped on the art in the dirty broken land. N flows fleeing seed and start slipping article ran down her legs to form a wonderfully tacky surface dirt and keep dust. "Nigeria.. " Art sounded out of breath, "Let me go.. I crush whore n're 'Willy ! " " WOT? " Nigel began to come around and opened his eyes in the back of the s. kind my head inches from your face. "Yes, this is like WOT just before I cum out on me pants.. bloody me now. " With some difficulty and much more: he laughed, n type " Oh fuck me! " Nigel looks absolutely expletives destroyed finally got their feet. The art looks much better, particularland as far in the dirt floor, which had covered was left with all the seeds. "Do you want to bend down as I did ?" Said Nigel looked dirty type is panties. Caressing the huge bulge in his Lolitas Dark Portal pants, he said. " Nige, I can bitch".. I want to continue on that before cum.. I can not keep.. " " You dirty stupid! Fuckin ' look at that " looked down and smiled Nigel. N" Do not you think they want as well... just make sure you do not fucking hurts " " Well fucking step! " Nigel did as instructed and looked around her ass to see his art called absolutely rigid and sore, and not looking for cock Squidgy fly, full panties run. \\ \\ n " ! Art.. have to do it through the hole in his pants, as I bloody, "the s igel when he approached art with cock in hand :" And, to use some of my cum that's all yer pants, get yer finger in " " WOT, I have my fingers to yer ass? " He exclaimed in mock horror kind. " Fuckin ' right to have.. a beginning and then do two, liWOT I ke. " " Do you know that at home too ? " " Yeah! "Nigel laughed. " The way I do respect '! " " Who told you ? "Art paused, " Fuckin 'hell Nigeria, that damn dream Lolitas Dark Portal this case for months. " " So I have not started yet so fucking emotional, as with blood! ", said Nigel. " Bent I can not stay here all damn day ! " took a deep breath soaked panties sperm type pushed against the tight white cotton and felt, how to find the head of his cock leak n the way crack to welcome Nigel. Nigel jumped up and started his own freeze absorbing sperm again through underwear. ################## # # # ############################# ########## chapter 47 to follow
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